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Common Physiotherapy Myths and Misconceptions Explained

1. Physio hurts

Treatment should not hurt. Pain is not a good thing!

Treatment should provide some relief from the pain and stiffness.

The goal is to get you moving more comfortably as quickly as possible.

Physio does not do the healing, your body does it all. We just provide an optimal environment to allow the area to move more freely.

2. Backs and necks go “out” of place

There is no scientific evidence of joints or discs within the spine of dislocating or subluxing.

While it is often a very good euphemism for the suddenness of severe back pain or neck pain it does not accurately relate to what happens deep within the structures of the spine. The ligament,disc,joint or muscle is strained beyond its tensile strength and requires time and care to allow it to heal.

It is the job of the physio to encourage those structures to move and load in a more normal fashion without upsetting the healing process.

3. No pain no gain

This modus operandi has no place at Bayside Physiotherapy. It is our job to make you more comfortable to move. Science has demonstrated that pain is an indicator that something is wrong. If it is painful then the structure is being pushed too hard.